Improve Your Supply Chain Visibility with the help of inventory management software

Improve Your Supply Chain Visibility with the help of inventory management software

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Inventory Management is an integral part of any business operation. In Supply chain software, all areas converge into a well-maintained inventory. Inventory management software plays a vital role in the supply chain process and with BOXON logistics you can have a massive effect on your business and revenues as well. 

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In this post, we’ll come across some of the solutions to the problems we have been in the supply chain. According to recent research, the Inventory management software market is expected to grow from 2020 to 2026 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of over 5%. In the Supply chain process, inventory management is the systematic approach to: 

  • Regulate and supervise purchases. 
  •  Maintain stock. 
  •  Normalize product costs. 
  •  Manage order fulfilments. 

Inventory management typically covers beyond basic monitoring and re-ordering processes to embrace demand forecasting and end-to-end production management. A variety of data like Excel worksheets, Google sheets, and docs, or other manual techniques is used to keep track of products and processes for Inventory Management services. 

In recent times, with the world full of Digital Techniques, Inventory Management Software comes with more enhanced Techniques and tools to make the management system easier and more systematic. Here are many ways to reduce the cost and have more profit. 

Ways to Improve your Supply chain Business with the Impact of Inventory Management:

1. It helps to reach a balanced Ratio of Inventory Turnover:  

  • A low-slung inventory turnover ratio indicates overstocking, while a high inventory turnover ratio indicates you might have distress meeting market demands due to less regular inventory. 
  •  Using these metrics makes it easier to plan to keep an improved balance in inventory. This is one of the key benchmarks in a warehouse management system.

2. It helps to Expand the Flow of cash in the Business: 

  • Inventory management helps the supply chain system keep investment free to be used in other departments and also invested back into the business to escalate revenue growth. 
  • A good inventory control system will always assure that there should be no large amount of money tied up in the inventory. 

3. Inventory Management Software helps to improve customer services in supply chain services: 

  •  It can prevent orders from being placed for out-of-stock items and makes it easier to fulfill orders with real-time tracking and ensures that the product reaches the customer’s doorstep at the expected delivery time. 
  • The improved inventory management system provides the details on both items that are in stock and also items that are out of stock. 

4. Maintain alternative suppliers for your core business to provide the best services to your customer: 

  • This is another step to maintaining reserve stocks to prevent operations from everlasting to a stand-still completely. 
  • Having alternative suppliers spread across geographies is a great way to ensure that the supply of essential goods for your business remains uninterrupted. 

5. It helps to appraise your sourcing approaches and suppliers: 

  • Many businesses these days are evaluating sourcing strategies that involve local suppliers and greater transparency to build robust supply chains that can be closely monitored. 
  •  Some companies would prefer securing suppliers from a wider range of countries, and possibly near-shore alternatives. 

6 . Embrace technology and the digital revolution of your supply chains system: 

  • The study reported that less than 40% of the companies have approved digital platforms using the cloud. They must change for inventory management to be effective. 
  • Enhanced Inventory and management software can help companies blow into real-time data for better visibility and more accurate forecasting. 

7. It helps to become more Cooperate as a supply chain organization: 

  • The main goal of an active supply chain management system is to assure that the right goods are in the right place at the given time. 
  • Unapproachable department data reduce the transparency needed to guarantee an effective inventory management system.  

Inventory Systems can be managed in the following ways:

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Dealing with the numerous stock-keeping units (SKUs) across multiple warehouses to identify the right amount of product in stock to meet the demands of the customers and operate profitably. It is one of the complex tasks in Inventory management where you spend lots of money. 

There are a lot of ways to manage inventory and they are: 

1. Stock Review: 

  • It is a difficult process involving regular review of stock available concerning future requirements is very easy and often used for inventory control. 
  • This process of Stock Review is inclined by errors as it requires a lot of human manual effort. 

2. Just-in-time methodology: 

  • This procedure uses analysis of customer behaviors and inclinations to determine buying patterns. 
  • The advantage of this system is that customer demands can be met without having additional stock in inventory.  

3. ABC analysis: 

  •  In this process stock or inventory is divided into three separate categories. A being the most important product and C being the least important than others.  
  • This allows the business to maintain higher stock of the maximum sold products while stocking limited less sold products. 
  • The benefit of ABC analysis is better to switch over inventory however it is time-consuming. 


“There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in business” 

Inventory management software offers visions into the most important factors that influence the supply chain business such as availability of stock for order fulfilments, behavior and preferences of the customers, and the financial security of the company.  

Many people spend more time and energy going around their problems rather than trying to solve them. 

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