ABE Cargo Case  Study

ABE Cargo Case Study

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Company: ABE Cargo

Industry: International P.O. Box Services
Website: www.abecargo.com

“We like this application as it helps to configure the settings by ourselves without a programmer’s help and can control the misuse of bypassing the shipment process unlike other software” 

Aileen Abello Rivera, Operations Manager

Company Overview: ABE Cargo ships almost 8,000 boxes each day between the U.S. and Colombia.  For this company, time savings is crucial to profitability and efficiency.  ABE needed a quick bill form that included customer details and simple package details.  ABE customers can login to a portal from the front end of the ABE website or call ABE Cargo to alert them to set up a shipment. BoxOn was able to provide ABE with automation of all the steps of the shipping process. Everything is now in one form which helps their varied department employees easily perform their regular activities.

Getting Started: 3 important things were achieved with their BoxOn implementation:

  1. The ability to acquire key information quickly.
  2. The quick bill form allows ABE to instantaneously add a new customer to their database with automation.
  3. If a customer needs to ship now, BoxOn can create house way bills immediately from the same form – that way everything is completed through one form.

“We like this application as it helps to configure the settings by ourselves without a programmer’s help and can control the misuse of by passing the shipment process unlike other software. For instance, it helps us not to allow more than a specified weight, monetary value or volume of an air shipment to a particular country.  If one of our employees attempts to ship a package that does not fit within the defined and approved parameters, the system sends an alarm notification to the necessary management alerting them that there is a breach of the system rule configuration. This feature has almost eliminated these mistakes entirely from our shipments.”

Conclusion: The accessibility of the privileges in the system allows ABE Cargo to restrict employees to certain roles and user privileges. It also allows their customers to view uploaded images by backend employees, thereby eliminating the need to manually E-mail images to the customer.

Automated invoice generation and credit card payment processing has greatly simplified the maintenance of accounts payable and receivables as well.