5 Things to Consider for Your Freight Business

5 Things to Consider for Your Freight Business

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For freight businesses, providing quality services to customers is very important. Enterprises will have to focus on various factors, such as providing cost-effective shipping, on-time delivery of packages, local and international trade compliance and proper tracking of shipments. The key to success in any freight business is being able to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations in these areas. The easiest way to ensure this is by implementing the right shipping software at the heart of your operations.

Shipping Software Capabilities

Solution requirements vary greatly depending on the industries you serve, the types of product you ship, the attributes of the products you ship, where you ship to (e.g. local, international) and more. Allthough various shipping solutions are available in the freight market, the best one for your business must, at the very least, support these aspects of your operations. If the software you choose fails to comply with any of these characteristics, you may take on unnecessary workload. The easiest way to avoid an issue is to choose a completely customizable software that will scale with your business needs.
Your shipping software should simplify your processes, provide you the information you need to make business decisions and help generate increasing returns from your operations.

5 Things to Consider for Your Freight Business

1. Deployment options – Depending on the technology infrastructure you have already setup in your business location and your payment preferences, you may find that between on-premise software, SAAS (Software-as-a-Service), or a hybrid of the two, there is a better option for you. Consider also that your shipping software should be easy to use, easy to understand and easy to modify.

2. Centralized or Distributed Architecture – Depending on your operations and the geography of your business site, you may find that all your business locations can utilize the same software configuration (centralized), or that the configuration will need to vary (distributed).

3. Integration Options – Many factors will determine what kind of integration options will be needed to create the best software configuration for your freight business. You may possibly need to integrate your accounting software to properly track the finances associated with each shipment, or maybe you would like to integrate with the systems used by your preferred shipping partners to reduce the need for external communication and data entry.

4. Associated Costs – You may also find that the upfront price of a software solution matches the budget you established. However, have you considered the additional cost of implementing the customizations you need in order for it to work properly for your business? Have you considered the amount of time needed to train your staff to use it properly and the labor costs associated with this? Who will be training your staff? Many companies charge an additional fee for training and support. Make sure to consider these costs and related others before making a final decision.

5. Support Services – It’s very rare that you will find a software solution for your business that does not, at some point, require some form of support. Whether this is the training mentioned above, some guidance on using new features in product updates or discussing opportunities for customization and improvement, it’s important that the company behind the software be able to meet your needs properly and in a timely fashion.

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