BoxOn Cargo Software – Customized for Your Business

BoxOn Cargo Software – Customized for Your Business

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The way cargo companies manage their operations and offer the level of service the clients expect largely impact business. Using outdated systems to manage workflow may not help companies cope with the rising client expectations and the increasing competition in the market. Therefore, making use of our innovative BoxOn cargo software which can streamline all operations is an intelligent decision.

BoxOn Cargo Software

has been designed and developed with the goal to eliminate troubles in business operations. With our cargo software, cargo enterprises get real-time access to information, enhance their tracking capabilities, effectively manage employees’ work, contractors, sub-contractors and serve customers the best way.

  • Cloud-based or Self-Hosted (can be installed into server)
  • Flexible, Scalable and Reliable
  • Absolute data security

BoxOn Cargo Software is 100% customizable and can be made to perform your business needs.

BoxOn Cargo Software provides end-to-end cargo or dispatching solutions for all couriers, freight brokers, carriers, messengers or dispatching services companies. It can help them become more effective and save a lot of money too.

  • Makes management easy
  • Store your customer’s details, contracted rates, preferences etc.
  • Real-time tracking and tracing of vehicles.
  • Locate, view and edit information about shipments or packages on the go.
  • Schedule routes for the vehicles / shipments, calculate distance from start point to destination, with geocoding, zip codes, supports GPS tracking too.
  • Give customers, agents, sub-contractors access as required, limit roles as you want.
  • Configure prices more easily than ever (prices charged to customers, salaries paid out to employees or agents or sub-contractors).
  • Generate valuable reports based on real-time tracking, store and download reports in multiple formats such as PDFs, Excel Sheets, Text Files etc.
  • Filter out information you require from customers, agents, subcontractors or employees through quick search.
  • Automatically generate invoices
  • QuickBooks integration made simple
  • Define workflow, make it work the way you want.
  • Multiple methods of communication (SMS, Email, Internal Messaging).

BoxOn Cargo Software can do more for your cargo business. Schedule a FREE DEMO to know more about its exciting features and what it can do specifically for you. For a FREE DEMO, register here.