Freight Operations With Cloud-Based Freight Management Software

Freight Operations With Cloud-Based Freight Management Software

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Logistics service providers operating at a national and international level often face diverse challenges due to multiple branch locations and lack of proper integration of their outer and inter-related business processes. Overcoming these challenges are vital, as just one small mishap can have a negative impact on revenue. But how can you overcome these challenges and other associated issues? How can a freight forwarding service provider perform at their best and enhance freight operations?

What You Need

Perfect integration of operations in different branches, spread across the globe, providing complete control over processes and bring about a great reduction in costs. The use of a single freight operations software platform lets entrepreneurs integrate a wide spectrum of business operations such as accounting, financing, customer services, sales, CRM and many other services.

An end-to-end cloud-based software has arisen as one of the best solutions to provide companies an opportunity to carry out a multitude of tasks without having to spend more for the same.


Lack of a flawlessly integrated freight operations solution which can help in monitor operations at various branches across the globe, can cause these problems:

  • Less efficiency in business operations
  • Revenue leakages which badly affect ROI
  • Poor communication across the multiple branches

The Freight Operations Solution

BoxOn Logistics is the solution for companies that are faced with the challenges listed above and many other associated problems which small to mid-sized logistics service providers face. The integration of BoxOn can easily simplify freight operations taking place at multiple branches.

  • Eliminate the need to set up an infrastructure or hire a team for the software solution management. Note that infrastructure set up and management has always been a great challenge and an expensive one as well. But, if your company were to opt for a cloud-based solution then they do not have to spend a penny for hosting – updating, security, technical errors etc – these issues will be taken care by the firm accountable for hosting the platform.
  • It comes with a strong reporting platform which helps you analyze every facet of your business. This analysis can help business owners like you make intelligent business decisions and focus more on what is most important.
  • BoxOn can also help in identifying and locking up your revenue leakage, improving communication between different branches with scheduled reports, auto alerts and lead to better employee productivity and great customer service.

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