BoxOn Freight Management Software for Freight Service Providers

BoxOn Freight Management Software for Freight Service Providers

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Effectively managing and controlling freight for freight service providers can be made easier with the latest freight management software that is BoxOn Freight Management Software.

Are you dealing with problems of proper documentation or effective documentation storage? Are you dealing with problems of effective collaboration among employees, quoting, billing, tracking shipments, maintaining customers’ databases or any other freight related tasks? Are you looking for ways to satisfy your customers by meeting freight service expectations? If “Yes” then it is time that you start making use of our all-in-one software which can help you improve in virtually all of your freight service tasks without having to spend more on individual software requirements.

BoxOn Freight Management Software is for:

  • Small to mid and large-sized freight forwarding enterprises;
  • Freight forwarders (freight service providers);
  • NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers);
  • Freight brokers;
  • Custom house agents;
  • Other shipping agents and cargo agents

By choosing BoxOn Logistics, you are choosing an ideal freight management software that allows you to focus on all entities of your freight management business.

BoxOn Freight Management Software brings a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution which is built on the latest industry technology. It is the first-ever, online freight service software which is designed especially for the cloud making work easy. Get access to reports or let your employees have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere – from the office, at home or while traveling. It is easy-to-use and rich in functionality. Helps firms or individuals who provide freight forwarding services to effectively align, realign and scale up every freight activity whilst being adaptable to the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Freight Service Provider Benefits

Managing and Sharing Data – You can access, manage and share information among various departments with no difficulty at all. You can prepare freight documents, share, store, print and email them as required. With availability of the advanced security features, data sent, stored and shared is always secure and no third party can gain access to it (unless access is assigned by the administrator).

Assigning Access – You can have full control over providing access to whoever you want from your departments. You also have the option of letting customers, agents or any other third-party to gain access as required in a highly secure environment.

Transaction Life Cycle – You can handle a full transaction life cycle (sent/altered/confirmed quotations, booking details, handling orders, shipment processing, invoicing and collection).

Quotes – You can control, alter and keep track of quotes issued to your customers for future business deals.

Generate Invoices – You can easily generate customized invoices with your company’s logo for all your agents, customers or any other third-party. You can use any currency for your invoice. You can change the default language (English) and use the preferred language for your invoice. You can send invoices by email (with an option to attach and send other relevant documents) and start effective tracking until the payment is received. Helping you provide a global freight service.

Send Updates – You can easily focus on your customers throughout the shipment process. Send “updates on shipments” or “change of status” whenever you want. You can save and store customer correspondence for future use too.

Customized Solution – It can be customized for your business needs by adding or removing features that reflect your business requirements.

To know more about other features of the software or to see a demo of how it works, please Request us for Demo.