Global eBox & Interseas Case Study

Global eBox & Interseas Case Study

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Company: Global eBox & Interseas

Industry: International P.O. Box & Freight Forwarding

About: Global eBox and its partner company Interseas are Logistics (Freight Forwarders) and P.O. Box services organizations assisting Chileans in the importing of U.S. goods via online purchases.

“Boxon made it very easy for us to integrate our P.O. Box systems with our U.S. Freight Forwarding partner since we weren’t being asked to change our way of doing business.”

Claudio Praverso, CEO/President

Company Overview: Global eBox is a P.O. Box provider with customers based in Chile.  Its partner in the U.S. is Interseas, a Freight Forwarder.  Global eBox customers buy U.S. goods online and have them shipped through a P.O. Box portal in the U.S. which is associated with Interseas, who receives the package and then ships it off to Chile.  P.O. Box providers such as Global eBox are used by registered customers to get items shipped from US to their home country. The basic reasons behind shipping through a P.O. Box company include:

  • When a foreign credit card is not valid in U.S. stores
  • The items are not available in their home country
  • When U.S. stores do not ship to certain countries
  • When the shipping fees are too expensive to justify direct shipping

Getting Started: Global eBox chose BoxOn because it offers both P.O. Box and Freight Forwarding modules which other solutions do not offer.  This solution allows them to update BoxOn to match any offers being given to customers by way of their front end portal without the need for a developer.  The software has simplified the process for shipments by making many of the functions automated. Now Global eBox performs two different functions using BoxOn and is able to coordinate the activities for two different companies in different countries by merging P.O. Box and Freight Forwarding automation with one common system.

BoxOn was also able to integrate and automate the use of Global eBox’s “Shopper Assist” program by connecting the request and purchase of this service between the front end portal and BoxOn’s backend database.  When an item is not available in U.S. online stores, but available in physical stores, Global eBox will make have it available through the Shopper Assist program by having Interseas purchase the required items on behalf of the customer in the U.S. and shipping them to Chile.  Customers have a front end portal on the Global eBox website which has been connected via a custom-built API to BoxOn so all customer purchase information is automatically added to the BoxOn system.  A pre-alert is then created in the backend by an employee on a successful purchase. The item measurement units, weight and images are uploaded into the system and put in the warehouse module for use once the product is bought and stored in the warehouse. The service fee is then also automatically added to the invoice for the Shopper Assist option.

Conclusion: BoxOn offered Global eBox a Scanning Module which helped dramatically in converting warehouse receipts to in-house and master way bills. Prior to the launch of BoxOn, house waybills were processed manually which was a tedious and time consuming process.  With the addition of the Scanning Module, those warehouse receipts are now converted to in-house and master waybills automatically with the click of a button, this has proved to be a huge time saver for Global eBox.