Importance of Ecommerce Orders Tracking

Importance of Ecommerce Orders Tracking

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Every business, especially the eCommerce industry puts a lot of effort into providing the best customer experience and focuses remarkably on it. Most people fail to notice that a major part of that experience comes from the reliability and predictability of order tracking management. That is one of the reasons why people prefer to get logistics management software for their business.

Not to mention, it provides value-adds like receiving an estimated shipment date, tracking number, and delivery notifications during the whole process, which helps in removing the risk of purchasing online products and building trust with your customers.

However, with the growing competition, expectations of customers are also rising continuously. Today, some of the most common expectations are to receive fast shipping and know the exact date and time of the package’s arrival.

And tracking eCommerce orders can help you solve these issues.

What is Order Tracking in Ecommerce?

Basically, eCommerce order tracking gives you access to monitor all of your online orders and shipments as well as pass on the status of the orders to your customers at any given time. It includes various features, such as shipment tracking; which can also be done with the help of shipment tracking software, estimated delivery dates, and numerous updates on the order status. The combination of these features can definitely heighten the customer experience by letting buyers know when to expect their delivery and being notified consistently.

Importance of Order Tracking

Nowadays, eCommerce order tracking is considered one of the crucial services that eCommerce companies offer because there are numerous benefits to direct-to-consumer brands and their customers.

1. Reduce Costs

As a business owner, you probably know that dealing with customer complaints or inquiries can become pretty expensive in a long run. After some time, you have to hire someone, or outsource customer service, so that you are able to respond to each and every complaint. And if you don’t, then you have to suffer the wrath of the customer reviews.

Thankfully, with tracking, there are relatively fewer inquiries. After integration, it automatically gives access to tracking information to your customer. And if you face any kind of issue, then you can easily search all of your orders to find what you require.

This tracking process reduces the burden of your customer support team, without creating any extra work for you and without compromising your quality. Moreover, saving time and money from here, you will have more resources to invest in other factors to improve the customer experience.

2. Meet Customer’s Expectations

As mentioned above, customers’ expectations are growing vigorously; today 97% of customers expect that they can get access to monitor their orders at every step of the shipping process.

With the developed technology, most shoppers have become accustomed to getting a high level of visibility into their orders. With such a competitive eCommerce landscape, online shopping certainly demands it. If you don’t want to lose business to your competitors, you must have a good tracking system.

If you are unable to fulfill the expectations, then shoppers will take notice, increasing the risk of losing customer loyalty. However, by having order tracking, you will be able to provide up-to-date information, that your customers want, making them give you a good review, buy from you again, or tell their friends.

Hearing answers from you is far more satisfying to your customers than having to hear, “I don’t know where your package is,” and continual apologies. It’s common for any order to be far from its final destination with several movements and transportation. After leaving a warehouse or packing facility, it is possible that the package goes to a sorting facility before it reaches the customer. So, you need to keep customers in the loop, so that it can prevent any kind of confusion.

3. Have More Control Over Fulfillment

Most part of your job gets done when the box is packed and in the carriers’ hands. Order tracking helps you in maintaining more control over the order fulfillment process and in addressing various issues as they arise with ease. Without having a good system, you can miss any important tracking information, resulting in getting emails from unhappy customers.

Customer acquisition is great but having repeat customers who keep buying more from you is real gold. A good fulfillment strategy can help in order tracking, minimizing issues, increasing the lifetime value of your customers, and winning more sales.

With a good logistics solution, you will be ensured that your customers are able to track orders and stay up-to-date without working hard.

Not to mention, with order tracking becoming a standard offering, your business will be at a bigger risk, if you don’t provide this essential service.

Also, monitoring the product from the time it is ordered until it reaches your customer is one of the crucial ways to optimize the customer experience and impact their perspective towards you. Managing it can make you earn greater trust from your customers, which will naturally result in more sales in the long term.

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