Increase Freight Performance with Digital Freight Platforms

Increase Freight Performance with Digital Freight Platforms

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Most of the products in the world and shipping cargo move via ocean, land, or air, and the complex flow of goods around the globe falls on the shoulders of none other than freight forwarders. Old and outdated freight handling and forwarding procedures can no longer bear the high demands on the market today, therefore the digital freight platforms.

It is next to impossible to reach the required productivity levels. However, forwarders can increase their performance and optimize various necessary processes if they understand the right tools to use. Such as shipping applications and other various transportation management solutions. 

Online freight marketplaces, also known as digital freight platforms, are a type of system that is designed particularly to help connect shippers with carriers through a secure online platform. According to the report by SupplyChain24/7, “about 97% of carriers in the US use around 20 or fewer trucks. Also, the national economy depends on trucks that are used to deliver nearly 70% of all freight transported in the US. Even accounting for goods worth $671 billion is transported in the country by truck alone.”  

Advantages of managing freight forwarding through disruptions with innovative tools successfully consist of the following:  

Enhanced Logistics Timelines and Tools 

Digital freight platforms feature is mainly used to improve short and long-term logistical views within particular shipping lanes, modes, or orders. These automated management platforms’ design helps freight forwarders to optimize logistical planning and performance by giving them access to the best timeline monitoring tools available. 

Access to Targeted Business Metrics 

Digital freight platforms make the work of tracking progress and monitoring key company metrics by managers and team members a lot easier. By reaping all the benefits of these advancements in freight forwarding tech, freight forwarders can quickly improve their performance and keep productivity levels as high as possible with quick status reports and metric analysis. 

All-in-One Platform and Dashboard 

The complex and constantly changing face of the global supply chain market adds to the pressure in the industry today. And, this makes all-inclusive platforms crucial to continued growth and recovery. It is critical to have a single source of truth for all parties to seek information and access for productivity enhancement. 

Cloud-Based Document Management 

Digital freight platforms also help improve mundane but vital processes like document management and recordkeeping. Online forwarding platforms keep crucial transportation records in one easy-to-access digital space instead of searching for them later from inevitable lost documents and reports. 

Real-Time Data for Load Transfer Tracking 

Most people don’t know the exact amount of the nation’s cargo transported by small owner-operators fleets of 10 trucks or even less. Whether goods ship via ocean, rail, or air, all of them require some degree of truck transportation. These types of dashboards and platforms make it easier for freight forwarding companies to coordinate with them in real-time. 

Online Collaborative Acess and Opportunities 

With a single access source, team members, customers, and managers can easily coordinate and remain on the same page while gaining more opportunities. Instead of coordinating everything and getting different data and teams together, online digital freight platforms can easily give you easy access and collaboration. 

Easier Predictive Planning and Tracking of Cargo 

Digital freight platforms help in improving freight forwarding efficiency as companies can work for future scenarios as smoothly as possible. Using compiled data and insights from various team members and partners, it certainly becomes easy to accept the predictive planning and tracking systems efficiently. Also, knowing where cargo is and arrival ETA is important to the improvement of performance. 

As mentioned above, old and outdated procedures can no longer assist the rapidly increasing demands on the market today, which is the reason why digital freight platforms are crucial for freight forwarding.  

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