The Benefits of Mobile Access to Your Shipping Software

The Benefits of Mobile Access to Your Shipping Software

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With the growth of mobile technology and the need of providing a satisfactory work environment and quality customer services, shipping companies are drawn towards Shipping Software that comes with greater mobility features for mobile access.

Necessary Mobile Access

Smartphone devices have now become very popular. By incorporating mobility features in your shipping software, you make it much easier for your employees, customers or anyone connected to your business to gain access to real-time shipment details. Allowing them to gain immediate mobile access at anytime and location.

It is time that you redefine your ways of shipping and engage your employees, business partners, customers or any other third-party shipment providers with the use of the mobile technology to be the leader in your sphere of business. 

Desktop Shipping Solutions Limit Work Flow

Unlink traditional desktop solutions, shipping software that comes with feature of higher mobility can empower your business processes by making information accessible from anywhere or at any time. With mobile access to your shipping software, you do not have to just stick to your computer to check shipment details, manage or monitor shipment processes or respond to your customers. You can do all that and more by accessing details right on your smartphone or other smart devices.

Employee Performance – By providing mobile access to your shipping software, you make it easier for your employees to be more productive. This gives them the freedom of work too as they can view or respond to your customers while on the go.

Customer Satisfaction – You can let your customers view details related to their orders on their smart mobile devices by providing them mobile access. Ease of access will surely make them happy and loyal to you.

Business Strengthening – Mobile access may strengthen business bonds as your partners or anyone connected to your business can have access to shipment details. Any flaw which might have crept into the shipment process such as unexpected delay of the shipment, change in time of the shipment, delay in order delivery, error in product counting etc. can be eliminated.

Provides Numerous Benefits

  • You can send real-time freight quotes or transit information.
  • View real-time shipment details.
  • Update shipment activities while on the go
  • You can keep track of the shipments – real-time tracking or trace shipments.
  • You can get to know of the location of the shipments, time they may take to reach their destination etc.
  • You can effectively manage or monitor inbound and outbound shipments.
  • You can easily perform multi-carrier shipping processes / carrier compliant shipping processes.
  • You can send advance shipment notifications to your customers, agents or other third-party agencies or partners and much more…

Perform shipping operations from anywhere our smart BoxOn Shipping Software built on a greater level of mobility.

You can rely on Mobile BoxOn Shipping Software for all your shipping tasks. Ship, receive or track packages from anywhere in the warehouse or from the field with our smart shipping software. Information related to your shipment processes will always be available at your fingertips and will help you increase employee potential, customer-satisfaction and your business platform.