Ways to Know Your Company Needs Warehouse Management Software

Ways to Know Your Company Needs Warehouse Management Software

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Logistics companies often face problems in warehouse management. Not only do they have to keep track of products rolling in or orders rolling out, they also have to make customers happy by providing timely services. In most warehouses, the problems occur in many forms – inaccurate product count, inaccurate storage locations, improper pricing, capacity issues, product labeling, bar coding, product packaging, problems of products being susceptible to damage, transactions, inefficiency in managing staff workflow, tracking and tracing of employee performance and more. If your organization is faced with one of these problems, then it is time to look for a warehouse management software that can simplify the work and provide a multitude of benefits.

The key to success in warehouse management: WMS

Proper management of stores is certainly a daunting task, but it is necessary for logistics companies, small and large-scale retailers, wholesalers and distributors to find a way to deal with the problems that arise and simplify their business operations in order to provide better customer service. Boxon warehouse management software is an enterprise-grade WMS that helps companies deal with everything related to inventory, shipping, employee performance, etc. It is a software that makes it easy to manage multiple warehouses effectively, outperform the competition and improve customer service. Warehouse Management Software Boxon can allow you to:

  • Improve inventory control that provides 100% accuracy
    • Provide a higher level of flexibility to check inventory
    • Let owners get an accurate picture of what they have in stock
    • Inventory adjustment in real time
  • Make simple product management
    • Locate where the products belong
    • Stocking dates
    • Know what items are to be shipped or put on hold
    • It helps optimize shipping operations moving more packages with all the precise details and at the lowest possible cost in meeting multiple carriers such as FedEx, UPS, LTL shipping, etc.
  • It provides complete store metrics
    • Employee Performance
    • Products delivered
    • Inventory details
    • Customer requests or orders
    • Check all transactions done
  • It helps customers get metrics on established parameters and filters
  • Restricts the additional labor costs to increase work efficiency
  • It provides better customer service
  • Effectively track and evaluate staff performance
  • Customers can view the status of their orders and track orders
  • Send email or SMS alert messages to keep customers updated on orders, shipments, etc.

There is more on what Boxon Warehouse Management Software can do to help manage your warehouses. It is suitable for managing one to several warehouses, regardless of location.

We believe in earning the trust of our customers

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