Order Fulfillment Strategies -Boxon Logistics

Order Fulfillment Strategies -Boxon Logistics

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Today, the E-commerce industry is growing expeditiously, and with growth comes a unique set of challenges, mainly related to order fulfillment. And all of this is happening because now, customers always look towards online shopping for every product, rather than browsing shopping malls and buying goods in brick-and-mortar stores. Also, this kind of situation encourages many businesses to integrate shipping applications into their shipping management.

Subsequently, this scenario started requiring several businesses to adjust their fulfillment processes, so that they can manage their upcoming online orders. But what kind of adjustments do they need to optimize their order fulfillment?

The following are some great strategies you can use to know all about the ups and downs of order fulfillment:

Opt for Alternative Shipping Methods

Nowadays, more and more customers prefer to order online, which might make it difficult for you to keep a check on your order cycles. Not to mention, shipping carriers can become overwhelmed, developing a backlog of orders and turning a few days into a week or more of waiting days for your customers.

Thankfully, there are numerous alternative shipping methods that you can easily add to your business to make shipping fast and smooth down the line.

For instance, you may incline towards your suppliers’ shipping network by dropshipping your goods. If you find any tailback on the shipping route, from the warehouse to your customer’s doorsteps or you might want to include a 3rd party, such as an order fulfillment startup, or an order management provider to share your load.

Get Last Mile Tracking

Though it was quite a popular strategy in the past, now, the prospect of last-mile tracking is growing in popularity again. One of the reasons for its growth is that last-mile tracking allows customers to see the location of where their package and estimate arrival date with a reasonable amount of certainty. This results in, lessening the chances of products getting stolen and saves customers frustration and wondering as well.

Implementing last-mile tracking or updating your current version to become more user-friendly and informative can create a big difference in what your customers think about your business and enhance their probability to keep purchasing from you for more time/in the future.

Distribute Inventory Strategically Among Your Business

If you ship all of your inventory from the same location, then it can take more time than others for some of your customers to receive their items. However, when you get a massive amount of orders, this extended waiting, over a period of time can easily become unacceptable to your clients.

By analyzing your customers’ purchase behavior, you predict future sales across your business more accurately and also select the best places to store your goods, which can be a conventional warehouse or any local storing place. You can ship items faster and cost-effectively, despite the time when your customers want their products shipped. To get help in this procedure, you can get the best shipping software.

Don’t Underestimate Curbside and In-store Pickup

With the most amount of customers wary of shopping in malls, or in-store, the curbside pickup has become more popular across all industries, especially logistics. And surely doesn’t look to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

In all likelihood, the business owners that start or keep continuing to offer curbside and in-store pickup will definitely find fulfillment to be better for various employees and customers.

Complications in fulfillment procedures can be pretty stressful for various businesses, though it’s totally possible to make all the strategies run smoothly. As a matter of fact, by adopting different shipping methods, implementing in-store and curbside pickup, and easing reverse fulfillment logistics.

In a nutshell, you can make your business more efficient by improvising and integrating various types of order fulfillment strategies.

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