Overcoming Freight Management Challenges

Overcoming Freight Management Challenges

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For many of today’s freight businesses, grappling with trends taking place in the freight industry and their own often outdated systems is putting an immense strain on freight processes, creating freight management challenges. For freight forwarding or management organizations, enhancing quote-to-cash processes and revitalizing their own supporting systems are important criteria to improve visibility and be able to make better decisions. By perfectly addressing capacity planning, revenue optimization processes and by automating their sales or customer service operations, freight enterprises can improve not only their services offered but can also bring into their systems greater level of visibility that enables high margins or increase in business revenue.

Freight Management Challenges

With competition rising at a greater level, freight enterprises around the globe face a number of freight management challenges to remain competitive and profitable. Some of the major challenges include the following:

  • There has been felt a greater need for visibility in all of the inbound and outbound processes / visibility in freight control on a global basis.
  • Constant revenue leakage stemming from inaccuracy in processes or because of the inaccuracy in capacity and pricing.
  • Making use of the manual processes in order to manage freight operations.
  • Outmoded legacy systems that weaken customer relationships or leading to a weak customer response or customer service.
  • Inflexibility in business rules or workflow, making it more time-consuming and expensive for fright enterprises to adopt anything new or react to changes in the business environment.

To overcome these challenges and many other intra and inter related problems that crop up from time-to-time as freight management challenges, it is essential that the business owners focus on making use of the smart freight software which offers end-to-end solutions and promises of delivering high performance.

Using Reliable Freight Management Software Enterprises Can:

  • Effectively focus on flawless operation planning and execution
    • They can plan and execute perfectly by aligning the processes around major and minor routes, capacity, costs, rates and pricing etc. which will eventually enable optimal capacity utilization and increase in business revenue.
  • Do away with the tedious, time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Improve asset efficiency, agility and responsiveness.
  • Better leverage their team skills.
  • Easily reduce revenue leakage / drive higher margins and profitability.

BoxOn Freight Management Software: Customer-Driven Software

BoxOn is built on a modern technology base engineered with high-performance business processes in mind (to fulfill business requirements unique to the freight management industry). The modular nature of our software allows our customers to get it deployed as a standalone component or multiple components. Any module can be integrated as per your business needs. It offers increased business process automation, enhances freight rate management capacity, centralized accountability and trace ability, real-time collaboration and rule enforcement, adaptability to changing market environment. And of course overcome freight management challenges.

For a Live DEMO of our freight management software, please email us to sales@boxonlogistics.com