P.O. Box Software – A True SaaS Solution

P.O. Box Software – A True SaaS Solution

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P.O. Box Software has been designed and developed to simplify a wide array of logistics operations, it is a true(Software as a Service) SaaS solution. It makes it simple for the logistics enterprises to keep track of packages, shipments and all details associated with them. It offers full control over the delivery process, make it easier for companies to receive cargo directly from the carriers, automatically generates receipts for warehouse tasks, house waybills, air waybills and B/L etc. and provides customers the level of convenience they expect.

BoxOn P.O. Box Software is the world’s first true SaaS solution for every client, that is looking to streamline their logistics operations tasks in an effective manner in order to achieve higher success in their business.

How Your Logistics Business Can Benefit from the SaaS Solution

Running a logistics business involves complex operations. Apart from managing internal business processes; managing the work for the clients pose various difficulties. Certainly, traditional work management strategies make it difficult for the business to overcome hurdles and provide better services to their clients. Therefore, automation is the need of the hour. BoxOn P.O. Box Software can help logistics enterprises manage their work without any difficulty. With it, enterprises can streamline each and every operation.

It is cloud-based so enterprises do not require any IT infrastructure setup (clients have the option to get it hosted on their own server too if they want). As it is in the cloud a business owner can access information anytime they want. Schedule shipments, track shipments, edit or modify the details, send email notifications or SMS to keep the customer updated. Business owners can provide access to information to their clients as well. This way, the customers can know details of their shipments too.

P.O. Box Software is a one of kind software which comes with a rules-based engine framework. Business owners have the option to make it work the way they want it to. Any rule can be implemented at anytime. It is 100% customizable, efficient and flexible, made to work for any logistics enterprise.

To see is to believe. So, take a FREE DEMO to know how P.O. Box Software works as a SaaS solution to bring plenty of benefits to your organization. To register for the free demo, please click here.