Tips to Avoid Cargo Theft

Tips to Avoid Cargo Theft

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Cargo Theft is not something new. It is as old as Greek history.

We need to accept the fact that transportation of any goods poses its challenges. And theft is happen to take place. Every company, small or big, suffers from losses due to cargo theft. Therefore, it is necessary to take the right measures to minimize or effectively curb this crime chain from your business.

Cargo theft does not just lose you money or profit. Theft can create a multitude of problems.

Such as:

  • Your revenue decreases.
  • You face legal issues (if you were working as a third-party service provider or a direct supplier).
  • Other clients may not rely on you.
  • Spoils your reputation in the market alongside other consequences.

Therefore, a key to success in business lies in focusing on all aspects of your business, including cargo theft. Here, we have summarized a few important things that you can do in order to protect yourself from it.

  • Recruit reliable people
  • Monitor external and internal operations
  • Provide training
  • Use the best and the latest logistics technology

Recruit the Right Way

Cargo carriers may worth millions. The team that is going to be responsible for the safe transportation of goods HAS to have great skills. The team also has to be extremely responsible and reliable. Therefore, by recruiting the right team members, you are taking the first step to securing your cargo.

Assess their skills. Check and re-check backgrounds of the people you wish to employ into your team. Get to know about everything you can about potential employees before you hire anyone. Records reveal that some crime masters go from city to city or country to country making their business through cargo theft. So, be very careful in recruiting the right professionals.

Monitoring / Tracking

If you are transporting goods that have a great market value then it is more likely that you may become a victim of cargo theft. Therefore, it is crucial to take all the necessary precautions.

  • Make sure to track everything related to your business.
  • Make sure you know who you are trusting to transport goods.
  • Make sure you know what routes they may take (carefully plan the routes & keep the track of them so you always know the status of the journey).
  • Do not let changes in route take place as this can be a major warning sign for you (sometimes, it is necessary that you follow the path of the drivers more closely).

Security Devices

Business owners can go more digital in their business and enhance their security by adding hidden cameras or other GPS devices to secretly track the routes of their goods. This can be an added expense for companies but it provides great benefits.

These are all ways to stop or lower external cargo theft, but internal theft is common too. Take the best security measures to track the activities or the operations at your warehouses. Packaging, labeling, barcoding or other necessary operations should always be monitored.

Training Employees

Provide necessary training to employees so that they can combat theft and provide you the support you require to be free from all kinds of worries. Special training programs on effective transportation, tracking, use of technology to curb theft etc. may be a beneficial asset for your business.

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