Tips for First Time Cargo and Container Shipping Exporters

Tips for First Time Cargo and Container Shipping Exporters

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For exporters who have just ventured into the business of exporting, you need to know some basics related to efficient and safe exporting. The following information will hopefully help a lot in taking your business to the next best level.

Cargo and Containers Shipping Exporters Should Focus On

As an exporter you should be aware of preliminary things such as packaging of the product, labeling, documentation and package insurance.

Right Packaging

It is essential for an exporter to ensure that deliverable products are packaged correctly so that they arrive in good condition and without any sort of damage. Remember, a small flaw in packaging could cost you a lot of dollars. Many entrepreneurs face losses because of poor packaging. Therefore, spend time in quality packaging, it will not only keep the product safe from damage, it will also keep customers happy and detrimental effects at bay.

Reliable Labeling

Labeling the product is crucial too. This ensures proper goods management. Also, with correct labeling, it will be easier to track goods from point of dispatch to destination. Wrong labeling may lead to confusion and the product will not arrive to its destination at the right time. Therefore, you should hire a separate sector for labeling.

End-to-End Documentation

Often, goods do not pass the stages of custom process because of poor documents. This causes trouble for both parties involved, the sender and the receiver. Therefore, proper documentation is a key factor. Experts should take on the responsibility of documentation. If the goods are not documented as per U.S. standards or foreign government rules & regulations, then the goods may get stuck between two points of dispatch and arrival.

Need of Insurance

All deliverable goods should be insured against all damages, losses, pilferage or delay. You as an exporter may not know what would happen during the journey of your goods. So, it is necessary that you pay attention to insurance of all goods supplied. This can help you claim your right over them or be more free from legal matters pertaining to the delivery of the goods.

BoxOn Logistics as a Solution

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