Ways to Make International Shipment Tracking Simple

Ways to Make International Shipment Tracking Simple

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Nowadays, international trade is far more developed and interconnected than it was ever before. The globalized world in which we live has brought us trade with extremely extraordinary intensity and volume. Additionally, this change has given way to get more profits for both manufacturers and carriers. And made people opt for several shipping applications.  Also, customers have been able to receive rewards from having access to a global marketplace.  

Unfortunately, the increased volume of international shipping has made shipment tracking a little more complicated. Which is one of the problems that we’re going to discuss in this article! 

Importance of Shipment Tracking 

Let’s start by discussing why is the ability to track shipments now has become so important in this day and age? The answer to this question is;  because today, even everyday items are being shipped all across the world. If this chain of commerce is kept working uninterrupted down the road and if manufacturers can reach various markets with their products, then surely, international shipment tracking is required to be simple as well as efficient. Not to mention, this is equally important for both customers and manufacturers.  

The first tracking abilities for consumer goods and products appeared as a path for timely and correct information, especially information regarding expected delivery dates. Because, from the customers’ point of view, knowing with certainty when their ordered packages will arrive is the most crucial thing. Nonetheless, shipment tracking doesn’t only benefit the consumer; it also helps retailers and manufacturers to gather as much consumer data as possible.  

Package Tracking as a Service 

In the contemporary market, efficient and exact package tracking is not a feature that is viewed as something exciting and extra in the shipping service; it is something customers view as in-built – a part of the service that requires to be included by default. If you look at the current situation of the industry, popular companies, such as FedEx, Amazon, or UPS – all of them provide their customers with real-time tracking capabilities for their packages.  

However, when it comes to bigger industrial shipments around the world; companies, industries, and retailers working with such shipments are struggling to maintain a great level of efficiency in logistics and customer support related to shipment tracking. It is something that any client expects.  

If you and your company are also looking for a way to remain competitive in upcoming years then you should keep in mind that a simplified and accessible shipment tracking system is a must-have on its service portfolio. Any business that misses out on this system, could face losses because of unsatisfied customers, potential delivery, and distribution issues.  

Bad Consequences of Being Outdated 

As mentioned above, lagging behind on the latest shipment tracking solutions could make you lose your business over the more outward-looking competitors. Because if you aren’t able to include tracking capabilities that are simple to use for anyone, then your clients or customers won’t have any kind of way of knowing the status of their packages.  

This kind of uncertainty could lead to buyer anxiety, while it is not too risky in a short period of time, however, in the long run, this can cause reducing returns of repeat customers. In addition, if most of your customers are not satisfied with their shipping experience, then you can suffer direct hits to your profit margins. In today’s scenario, shipping companies can face social media backlash or bad reviews on customer feedback websites. And your online lead conversion can suffer a lot if your customers go into detail about why they felt your shipment tracking was bad. 

Being on the Cutting Edge 

Today, Ecommerce represents an important part of freight shipping so efforts for online outreach to consumers shouldn’t be disregarded in any way by freight carriers, who are planning to remain at the forefront of their industry. Technical optimization like freight management software and barcode scanning should be adopted by every shipping company’s development plan. These changes allow for conclusive on-site reporting and exact tracking of customer data and packages. And in the long run, this enhances customer satisfaction quite a lot.  

One Tracking System 

The reasons above have led various companies and businesses to the construction of the online freight marketplace with organized and simple shipment tracking abilities. They opt for the container tracking system that makes users point out the exact position of any container in the system on the world map interface.  

If there are any kind of delays that users should know about, this system makes sure that they are instantly notified of any such delay accordingly. This kind of easy-to-use and equipped with modern technology software for shipment tracking has helped several logistics service providers. Now, it’s time for you to try it. 

Customer Maintenance  

As mentioned above, international shipment tracking isn’t just important for customer curiosity. These days, looking at all clients value precise data and information, the shipment tracking system is actually a tool that is also used for customer retention. Using this kind of software or system installed on your company’s website ensure that your customers won’t be visiting any sites with shipping lists or competitor websites; moreover, the client return rate to your website will get increased. Such types of contemporary tech solutions help your company in transforming into a truly digital enterprise; a company that’s equipped to manage all of the challenges of the future marketplace.  


As you have seen above how the international shipments around the world have evolved pretty quickly in just the past couple of decades. Also, how the increased volume of international trade has resulted in creating greater competition in the world of freight transport; which indicates that every company must fight for its place in the sun. 

The latest international shipment tracking features have pretty much become a necessity. If you also want your company to succeed in the competitive market of international trade and transport,  then register here to get more information on this topic from our experts!