9 Best Features of Shipping Software and Virtual Mailbox Software

9 Best Features of Shipping Software and Virtual Mailbox Software

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Any logistics company primarily depends on outside variables to ensure a smooth delivery process. One 3PL partner cannot meet the needs of these companies because it is not practical for them to expand their supply chain. But coordinating the Shipping software process with many carriers is a real bother. The advantages/Features of using shipping software for small businesses all replace the huge amount of manual labor involved and the possibility of human error. 

The market saw the introduction of Virtual Mailbox software as a remedy for the logistics sector’s issue. The best option was PO Box software, which enabled companies to coordinate the logistics industry and reap the rewards without adding to their workload. you’ll learn how Shipping Software features help you streamline your shipping business. 

What does Shipping Software mean? 

Developing a knowledge of the term PO Box software is necessary before we can comprehend how Shipping software might benefit a logistics company. 

An effective, organized logistics shipping workflow is made possible by PO Box software, which uses APIs and data-driven insights. You may access several carrier APIs and enable other functionalities on your logistics platform with a single point of integration for the software. You can maintain the functionality and effectiveness of the fulfillment system with the help of the software’s order management features.  

Having capabilities that improve the post-purchase experience on your logistics platform is something an optimal shipping software for small businesses offers you as well. Offering a seamless post-purchase experience enables you to encourage engagement with your platforms and goods. 

9 Best Features of Shipping Software and Virtual Mailbox Software:

Every shipping application strives to simplify the order fulfillment process for a logistics company. The following advantages are provided by the delivery tracking software to achieve its objectives: 

1) Cuts down on shipping costs 

You can be sure that you obtain quality services for every dollar spent on order fulfillment since shipping software enables you to use a mix of multi-carrier integration and an AI-based carrier allocation system.  

2) Improve the shipping procedure 

Every savvy shipper is aware that a logistics company cannot efficiently meet all its shipping requirements with a single carrier. By incorporating more carriers into your operations, you can improve your shipping performance using the service suite of a shipping platform. 

3) Automates the Order Manifestation Process 

In the beginning, a logistics company can manually create and send orders. However, the process gets cumbersome and offers a lot of chances for error once the order volume exceeds 300–500 each month. 

4) Promotes Improved Order Management 

If you want to scale and grow without having an impact on how your customers are treated, you need good package tracking software. Several carriers’ orders can be managed through a single window using the unified dashboard offered by shipping software. 

5) Delivers Real-Time Tracking Updates 

Order tracking cannot be carried out manually being a crucial component of every order management system. Order administration is improved by the automated tracking method. You can use package tracking software in conjunction with shipping software for small businesses to receive real-time tracking updates. 

6) Improves Billing Cycles 

You will receive an integrated charge because you are shipping with various carriers using an integrated service. This simplifies the procedure by doing away with the headache of having to check and double-check numerous bills with various carriers. Also, a more effective invoicing and auditing workflow is made possible by the shipping process’s digitized character. 

7) Offers Useful Information 

You need knowledge of the performance to operate an efficient process. You can gain useful insights into the efficiency of shipping and delivery by using Virtual Mailbox software 

8) Simplifies Documentation procedures 

It can be a real effort to track down and provide the necessary paperwork for a straightforward shipping process. You can automate the creation of documents using package tracking software. This guarantees that the order and all necessary paperwork are produced accurately. 

9) Allows you to scale and expand 

Your warehouse and shipping operations can handle an unlimited number of orders, allowing your company to expand into new markets and geographic areas. You may replicate a successful order fulfillment model using shipping automation to expand more quickly around the globe. 

BoxOn offers you all these features of Shipping software to enhance your shipping efficiency. 


Customers are now exposed to a variety of platforms and products due to the internet’s expanding accessibility. Making the most use of technology is therefore essential if you want to succeed in this fiercely competitive business. One of the best uses of technology to provide BoxOn Logistics an advantage is automation in your order fulfillment process. You can use these insights as a roadmap to enhance and efficiently optimize your shipping performance. 

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