American eBox Case Study

American eBox Case Study

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Company: American eBox

Industry: International P.O. Box Services

About: American eBox offers P.O. Box services to customers of U.S. online retailers located all over world.

“BoxOn helped us to categorize our customers and charge based on the plan they choose during the online registration process.”

Jeremy Hansen, CEO

Company Overview:  American eBox is a world class and pioneer in the Third Party Package Forwarding Industry with more than a decade of experience managing logistics and global import / export activities in hyper fast moving markets.

Getting Started: The beauty of BoxOn is that it allows us to define our rates and thereby uniquely serve different types of customers such as VIP customers, high frequency users, and others.  It has helped us to categorize our customers and charge based on the plan they choose during the registration. The system also allows our customers to create shipments and track shipments, thereby minimizing unnecessary phone calls to our office.

American eBox has also been able to leverage BoxOn’s unique capabilities to create special rates to its agents and to automate additional add-on services (i.e. gift wrap, repack fee, customs fees) to its customers which have improved the user experience and customer retention rates.  With BoxOn, these features can be selected by the customer for an up-charge through the front end portal of the website and likewise have been written into the software as rules where those items are added to the invoice automatically for processing prior to shipment.

Another benefit of using BoxOn is that generating labels for shipments is now a one-click process, saving significant time.  Their labels no longer need to be shipped from one branch to another (multi-city).  Agents can, through a login portal, create all shipment and customer information via a bill form which is then automatically printed out at the distribution center for shipment.

Conclusion: Since American eBox began using BoxOn, they have been able to successfully process high volumes of shipments in a much shorter amount of time, cutting down on labor costs and improving workflow which has resulted in both improved profitability and company growth.