6 Ways Freight Forwarders Can Benefit from BoxOn Logistics Software

6 Ways Freight Forwarders Can Benefit from BoxOn Logistics Software

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Logistics software is shipping software that freight forwarders use to manage and oversee all aspects of their freight operations, including control and management of Air, Sea, Rail, Land, Warehousing, Transport, Shipment Track, and Trace, Customs, Documentation, vendor, CRM, Quotations, Billing, and Financial Accounting. These also make it easier to communicate with clients, associates, agents, and carriers.

Customers have grown more aware, forceful, and vocal about their needs because of the rapid advancements in technology, and they will not settle for anything less than the best. In such a situation, it becomes necessary and prudent for logistics service providers to employ technology that brings about smooth efficiency coupled with precision, giving incomparable value to their clients.

For the logistics business to function smoothly, two technology elements are essential: logistics software and 3pl software. To boost their business and growth prospects BoxOn Logistics will be obliged to embrace these technologies because of the article’s illumination of the considerable advantages.

The advantages of logistics software

1. Gain More Control & Efficiency:   

One of the first things you’ll notice following the deployment of freight forwarder software is that you have more control over your company’s operations than you did previously. Your company will be able to manage product deliveries successfully and efficiently thanks to the shipping software.

2. Reduces Error Rates:

Following the software’s installation, all team members participating in the business operation will be able to track, manage, and update all information related to the movement of goods with more accuracy. The 3pl software may even track the movement of delivery vehicles, in addition.

3. Enhances Freight Management:

Your operations team will no longer be concerned with contrasting various transport companies’ quotes. Ideally, the program will take the place of the manual process. Based on an automated method for pricing comparison, the software would offer the best shipping prices.

4. Enhances Profitability:

For both new and existing logistics organizations, using freight forwarders software is the ideal choice. The adoption of the program will lessen the need to engage numerous people internally, saving on expenses like salaries, benefits, etc. Additionally, the software’s user-friendly interface would increase productivity because anyone could use it.

Six essential elements of a digital freight forwarding solution.

1. Access to a single database is shared:

We now view freight forwarder’s software differently thanks to digital, cloud-based freight solutions. To better suit operating the business, forwarders have implemented branching out verticals. The sales crew may be positioned more strategically or close to the ports. The back office for billing and management could be elsewhere. Cloud-based technology enables efficient collaboration and communication amongst dispersed teams and locations. By storing data from all domains and locations in a single database, it is made possible.

2. Effortless Documentation:

Due to the various nations and territories involved, compliance and regulation have always been very important in the freight sector. Freight businesses are required to keep records from the previous x number of months to confirm that all procedures are followed. When the epidemic hit, this became a concern because paper-based compliance made the procedure incredibly slow.

3. Verify the authorization process again:

Smaller billing mistakes can occasionally result in losses for the organization as well as embarrassment. An inaccuracy is present on one out of every four freight bills, on average. Companies could be significantly impacted by the hundreds of transactions that occur every day.

4. A mobile app:

Field officers and teams need to be equipped with on-demand data access so they can obtain information while they are on the road. Provide flexibility to users of 3pl software when sales data, sales reports, and other reports are accessible through a mobile app. It is convenient to communicate remotely as well because the app allows for task status updates.

5. Data insights:

Forwarders can make improvements or address problems with help from process evaluation and reporting. Managers may easily assess the effectiveness of different functions thanks to intuitive information provided by KPIs and dashboards. Planning risk management and growth plans is made easier by considering historical and projected patterns.

6. Willing to aid you in scaling:

A reputable freight company is always eager to accept new business when the chance arises. Select shipping software that will enable you to expand as you grow by adding modules as and when necessary to meet your expansion goal. For SMEs with ambition and self-confidence, smart scalability is an essential software feature.

BoxOn Logistics will always help you to select the best logistics software and freight software to enhance your business.


Adding value for clients is one of any business’s main problems. Today’s technology makes it possible to add value by automating and digitizing corporate operations and simplifying them effectively. Businesses that use the software that is available are therefore guaranteed to see the benefits quickly, giving them a competitive advantage over their rivals is BoxOn’s primary goal.

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