Best Features to Expect in a Freight Forwarding Software

Best Features to Expect in a Freight Forwarding Software

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Why it is necessary to have Freight Forwarding Software?

A great freight-forwarding software platform should have extensive search capabilities. Which allows users to get the information they need about shipments. Use a universal search that can find information in all forms of communication. That includes emails, chats, carrier-generated updates, exception notifications, and documents. The fast generation of these pertinent results benefits all parties.

Modern freight management software has addressed the drawbacks of desktop software. Other older software by enhancing security and accessibility. Yet, forwarders are still reluctant to spend money on 3PL freight software. Today’s solutions must be able to do more than ensure operations run.

· Increasing value to clients

· Generating a competitive edge

· Having a plan in place for any eventuality

Today, the secret to success for all freight forwarders often comes down to planning. Preparing for any deviations that may arise along the supply chain network. A crucial piece of the puzzle is creating a reliable freight forwarding system. Assisting a freight forwarding network. Yes, it is simpler to say than to do. Yet, it is what sets successful freight forwarding software apart from those. That is having a hard time in these difficult circumstances.

BoxOn Logistics is one of the best solutions you can look forward to for your Business.

A good freight forwarding system needs the following essential elements, among others.

1. Access to one database for all users

Software perception has altered as a result of digital, cloud-based freight solutions. To operate their businesses, forwarders have started branching out into several industries.

A different back office may be in charge of billing and administrative support. Between dispersed teams and locations, BoxOn logistics is a cloud-based technology. Promotes efficient collaboration and communication.

2. Intuitive Document Management

Due to the various nations and territories involved in the freight management software. It has placed a high priority on compliance and regulation. The past x months’ worth of documentation must be freight businesses.

When the pandemic hit. This created concern because the procedure was so delayed due to paper-based compliance. Unlocking the potential for seamless document management requires digital documentation.

3. Verify the approval process twice

Smaller billing mistakes can cause the organization embarrassment and even financial loss. On average, there is a mistake on one out of every four freight bills. 3PL freight software companies stand to be affected by hundreds of transactions every day. A multi-level approval check option on sensitive papers. It is offered by BoxOn logistics aids in preventing such issues.

4. Mobile app

Field officers and teams need to be equipped with instant access to data while they are on the road. Give customers of freight management software agility when sales data. sales reports and other reports are accessible from a mobile app. It is practical to cooperate as well. Because the software itself allows you to update the status of assignments.

5. Enhanced Chain Connectivity and Visibility

Shippers can increase visibility and connectivity. All thanks to recent technological developments. And a positive, renewed focus on freight forwarding software platforms.
The increased output makes sure that everyone is on the same page from beginning to end. Please bear in mind, Yet, that you should be wearier of integrations. The more “independent” of a 3PL freight software firm you are.

6. Sharing Data Quickly and Accurately

Although connectedness increases visibility, it deserves to be mentioned separately. The forwarding process can be kept transparent for all team members and third parties by adopting automatic data sharing. A strong freight forwarding software system is a much-needed development that will facilitate management by exception and be very beneficial to forwarding and tracking businesses.

7. To assist you in scaling

When the chance arises, a reputable 3Pl freight software company is always eager to accept new business. Choose solutions that will support your expansion plan by enabling you to scale up by adding modules as and when necessary as you grow. Software that has smart scalability is a must for ambitious SMEs that have faith in their abilities.

8. User-Friendly Communication Channels

The main goal of freight management software should be to provide quick answers to inquiries and worries. The entire supply chain becomes more effective and efficient with such a focus. Access to a strong platform also makes it easier to maintain a positive rapport with customers and clients.

BoxOn’s Freight Forwarding Software has all you want, need, and expect in one simple bundle right now.


The rivalry will only get tougher as more businesses shift to the digital age. By offering worthwhile services with your clients in mind, you may set yourself apart from the competitors. Your operational efficiency will increase as a result of the implementation of a freight forwarding software system, which optimizes processes via insightful data analysis.

Sign up with BoxOn Logistics to learn how simple it may be to configure the ideal system platform for your freight forwarding requirements.