Customized and Scalable Freight Management Software

Customized and Scalable Freight Management Software

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Freight forwarders, NVOCCs or third-party logistics providers grapple with problems of effective freight management.Combined with a fierce increase in competition, there seems to be never-ending challenges to be dealt with. Bringing technology into operations has become increasingly cost effective- as it must, but it also has its limitations as not all businesses can afford to invest more into it.

Each business is unique, and therefore requires a software solution which can perfectly suit their specific business requirements. It often happens that the enterprises do not focus on this simple mantra of success and take the solution that at the start, seems to address all of their issues, but doesn’t seem to fit into their business processes as the company evolves. They invest huge amounts of money on ready-made solutions, hoping that they would get higher ROI, yet it doesn’t happen. On the contrary, they fall into a pit of problems and are forced to find a different solution – a better one.

If logistics enterprises do not want the burden of investing more on ready-made solutions then they need to choose a solution that is easily customizable.

Freight Management Solution

Getting a tailor-made software solution is important because only customized solutions can eliminate inefficiencies in business operations and bring innumerable benefits for business owners. There are plenty of benefits of purchasing a customized and scalable Freight Management Software System:

  • It will be designed and developed as per the business requirements
  • Unwanted features can be removed
  • Business-specific or operations-based features can be added
  • Enterprises will not have to pay more for changes in the long-run (cost-effective solution)
  • Changes can be brought into the software as the business evolves

BoxOn Freight Management Software, built on state-of-the-art technology, is the perfect solution for logistic enterprises. It is an all-in-one system which can allow enterprises to manage virtually all facets of their business including, operations (local/regional), accounting and sales (sales-profit ratio, cash management, ledger management), performance tracking etc. Users can generate, store and download detailed/sophisticated reports on all their business aspects.

With this fully automated freight management software, increasing accuracy, reliability, productivity and responsiveness can be made easier. Keep customers satisfied by offering them secure web visibility at anytime (24/7) with automated reports. It is a scalable software solution which means enterprises can buy what is required by their business today and add new technology as their business evolves or as required by their client-base.

Want to know more about how it works? Please, email us at We will schedule a Free DemoYou can register for the trial package too to know more about how it works and how it can improve your freight management operations.