How To Impress Your Clients Using Freight Logistics Software

How To Impress Your Clients Using Freight Logistics Software

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One of the most important factors freight logistics software must highlight if they want to be profitable and develop is excellent customer service. Respecting and appreciating clients is a key component of good customer service. If 3PL freight software cares about providing exceptional client service, it will satisfy their needs and expectations and be ready to respond to inquiries promptly and with pertinent information.  

An openness created by excellent customer service demonstrates that your company is prepared to adapt and change to suit your consumers’ requests. Convenience is crucial in the fast-paced society we live in today. Your clients are companies that run on their own strict schedules. Freight management system, demonstrating respect for your customers’ time and schedules demonstrates how your company is understanding and thoughtful of its clients. 

Instead of a business that is solely concerned with financial gain, clients choose a freight management system that is an active participant in their company’s expansion. You may dazzle your clients by providing top-notch customer service using BoxOn’s freight forwarding software. 

How the Freight Forwarding Software from BoxOn Delivers Top-Notch Customer Service 

Trust is necessary for any relationship to work, and building that trust requires effective communication. This means that gaining the trust of customers depends on BoxOn ‘s freight management software. BoxOn ‘s 3PL freight software can perfectly personalize your freight management solutions. 

1. The freight management software from BoxOn Makes It Easy to Communicate with Your Customers:

Maintaining awareness of every development and movement requires communication. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep customers updated on their freight management system experience. A customer portal establishes a continuous link with your company. It makes it possible to be in regular contact regarding shipment status without making a phone call or writing an email. Giving clients advance notice of delays or schedule changes may seem counterproductive, but it gives them the power to make accommodations.  

2.BoxOn’s Freight Management Software Facilitates Quick Decision-Making:

With its all-inclusive Freight Forwarding Software BoxOn combines each crucial aspect of your company’s operations into a convenient whole. You must make sure to focus on every part of your company in order to keep your client’s trust. You must keep an eye on enormous moving pieces because of the constant global freight, financial, and document flow.  

3. The Key to Exceptional Customer Service Is Well-Trained Staff and Employees:

The personnel that keeps things going well within the freight forwarding sector are a crucial component. Even while distribution centers, vehicles, and warehouses are important, a top-notch freight forwarder has well-trained people at every level who can contribute to better customer service by carrying out their jobs. You have a strong team that can help you give your customers the greatest service with consistently trained staff using the newest technologies and outstanding situational awareness.  

4. BoxOn Enhances Customer Touch Points Through Its Web Application:

There may be more negative effects than positive ones if too many employees interact with clients. Even when your staff members have the best of intentions, it is crucial to arrange data so that your clients are more informed about the issue. You may provide your customers peace of mind by just delivering the crucial information about their shipments by reducing the number of communication touchpoints between you and them with an effective client portal.  

5. The Freight Forwarding Software from BoxOn Features a Powerful Invoicing and Quotation Function:

Your operations are streamlined by BoxOn’s freight management software by enabling the seamless interconnectivity of all its crucial features, such as potent invoicing and quote modules. Fast and accurate auto-generated invoices can be produced thanks to the link and exported or sent straight via the BoxOn system. The 3PL freight software also includes a PDF editor that enables you to make any necessary changes to your invoices before delivering them to your clients. You won’t have to keep your consumers wondering about how much they will pay for your services if you send them accurate and timely bills. 

6. Excellent Product Cost Management is facilitated by BoxOn’s Freight Forwarding Software:

Product cost management (PCM) is crucial to the running of any firm. You have influence over the health of your company when you have access to important financial data from every step of your operation. 

BoxOn Logistics will help you to make your customer experience far better than before with these technologies. 


Utilizing the freight forwarding software from BoxOn is simple. The freight management system from BoxOn offers various methods to dazzle your clients. You only need one point of contact to give your customers all the crucial details on their shipments thanks to an intuitive customer portal. Additionally, BoxOn’s software requires little to no training for any employee, new hire, or veteran. 

The best part is that the freight forwarding software from BoxOn contains powerful accounting, billing, and invoicing features that can help you better manage your finances.  

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