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The competition is stiff in today’s world of business!

And organizations that are still able to keep up are those; who can reach their customers with their products or services- in time and without stress.

As for logistics companies, more than ever before; now is the best time to choose freight forwarding software.


It’s to help you render time-efficient services, strengthen the supply chain network, manage operations and improve profit.

And the same applies to 3PL service providers and freight forwarders.

Legacy Logistics Systems

…But what about the normal logistics model?

In the real sense, the world is evolving, and so is business. The most recent event is the Coronavirus Pandemic that most businesses are still recovering from.

The question; that comes to mind, therefore, is.- considering the effects of the Pandemic on legacy logistics systems. Could we have had better and smarter logistics strategies that could produce modern on-demand results?

Well, in this guide, you’ll find the answers to these and much more as you read on:

Why Spreadsheets And Older Freight Forwarding Software Might Not Survive “The New Normal”

Following the spread of the Coronavirus, its impact on consumer behavior as; well as business operations cannot be easily erased.

Moreso, it has led logistics firms to review their mode of operations. And give more attention to integrated freight forwarding software, cloud-based freight forwarding software. And other such softwares that helps to keep them in business.

With this rising demand for newer logistics softwares. It’s clear; the older methods of management, like the use of spreadsheets will have to be replaced sooner than later.

Here are other reasons for this school of thought:

Lack Of Cloud-Based Connections

Companies that are yet to use right logistics softwares like the cloud-based forwarding system software; are still stuck in legacy solutions.

What; this means; is that they wouldn’t be able to meet up with the current; demands for quick storage solutions, effective distribution, and fast-track computing.

No Automated Processes

Automation is using technology as a means of delivering goods and services with minimal human efforts.

Hence, logistics and supply chain companies are switching; from normal tools and methods to modern shipping logistics software.

  • Other Automated Softwares

Other softwares, includes the parcel management softwares, online shipping softwares, shipment tracking softwares, and freight logistics management softwares.

The old ways of manual computing; are slow and cannot keep up with modern-day customers and logistics management demands, hence the need for these softwares.

Timing And I.T Challenges

Ideally, logistics is already a demanding process for business owners- why make it more difficult?

That is because logistics is the overall process of overseeing and coordinating how resources such as inventory, equipment, materials. And other deliverables are acquired, stored, and moved to the required destination.

  • I.T Support

For logistics to work, there has to be coordination between the chain management system and the warehouse management system.

However, legacy tools do not have the high-tech functions needed to make that happen; effectively.

Hence, it implies that the I.T team of a Logistics company will likely spend more time and resources solving internal problems- that could have; been resolved; faster; had they used freight management softwares.

This slow pace and challenges to logistics cut down on the company’s relevance because logistics is centered; on timely and efficient delivery.

… But, there is a solution

Benefits Of The Right Freight Forwarding Software

Speed And Scale

Advanced logistics systems are what’s needed in today’s fast-paced world, as they help your business beat the competition.

Likewise, with automated freight software. You can be sure that every information about your freight forwarding will be up to date; effortlessly.

In fact, as a startup, medium, or large scale company. The modern way to reduce inventory, upscale your services, find more customers. And maximize profit is through these strategic automated logistics systems.

They are efficient, accurate, save time, and produce quality work.

It’s A Determinant For Customer Satisfaction

Conventional logistics management systems were designed with utility in mind. Hence; it focuses less- on the needs of the end-users.

However, with the right logistics software, end-users can keep track of their products; from their initial point to their destination.

That is possible through features such as push notification, self-service tracking, and user-friendly interface.

Customers and organizations will always want to transact with businesses that offer such convenience and some peace of mind.

Organizational Control

While many logistics companies will not disclose unpleasant news about their operations.

The truth remains that they continually strive to quickly keep up with their financial records, shipping costs, asset movement, and so on.

In the process, they could feel out of control. Hence, the best bet is to use softwares; that can replace most of these human efforts. Yet, still produce timely and efficient computing.

Further Remarks

BoxOn is one of such providers. As they have complete, end-to-end software for P.O. Box, Freight Forwarders, and other Logistics providers.

Likewise, BoxOn is the only freight forwarding software; that; is built around your business, so you don’t have to build your business around software.


With such end-to-end software at your disposal, you can easily track shipments and process orders from start to finish at a cost-effective price.

Some of them include: parcel management software, web-based freight forwarding software, NVOCC shipping software, and shipment tracking softwares.

And they can help you regain control of your business operations