New world of supply chain management post-pandemic

New world of supply chain management post-pandemic

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New world of supply chain management post-pandemic

With the start of the pandemic the need for online purchases and bargain hunting has only increased.  This is mostly due to the safety reasons and a fear of recession. With an increase in demand for online purchases the e-market industry has seen new heights of adaption, this means that there is more product that needs to be moved from one place to another in more efficient and optimal manner. We know that consumers will always try to look lower prices, and not all major companies can support this demand, as they have a fixed business model. This has given way to several SME’s who have set up business such as, drop shipping, fulfillment, etc… This market is a very highly competitive market, thus this the prices are mostly low, and there are different service providers with the same product. To succeed and make a name in this competitive market, the challenge is to make their business more resilient without weakening their competencies. Therefore, freight management software (FMS), warehouse management software (WMS), Logistics management software (LMS), will help in optimizing their work and make the firms more efficient.

Re-invent to stay ahead of the competition

 To constantly re-invent your company, you need to look at your vulnerabilities and try to optimize them. With the help of technology this has been made simple. In management software, the data collected, should be able to provide simple visualization on the underlying problem. This makes it easy to look and find better or alternative solution to the problem. This will only help in decreasing costs and will result in hassle free supply chain management. 

Diversifying the supply chain

The other aspect to look for diversifying your transportation base. One mode of delivery is not going to help in the long run. Planning for the future is made simple though data availability. More data you have and data analyzing software, simpler will it be for you to plan. We can never predict the future, but we can prepare for it. 

Supply chain software

The software for tracking the product through the supply chain is very important as this, is the pillar for the business survival. For this there are several steps that need to integrate, there are several software for different focus points in the company, like warehouse management, logistics management, last mile tracking and such. All these must be seamlessly integrated into one software. This not only gives confidence to the customer, but also
makes your life easy, and is a great investment for insurance liability, thus decreasing fixed costs. 

Political aspect

Consumers, policy makers all play an external role on how your business model must be designed. This makes it hard for any company to make a profit by comply to all the possible issues at hand. Climate change has also put further pressure on the government and focus on sustainability has given ways add complexity to the supply chain, from policy levels. The impact of the company is also being taken into consideration that can also be visible through proper AI integrated software.

Rick and resilience

There are several challenges and changes that have raised due to the pandemic. This has left most businesses and its managers to be unprepared for this pandemic, though there is demand, there is a lack of supply, which has caused severe backorder. This is also due to the lack of manpower; this has proven the importance of manpower in the supply chain industry. This has also shown that new wave of technological advancement is also necessary to optimize to decrease the dependency solely on human work force.

To conclude, FMS, WMS, LMS are all important for companies to survive in the long run as the data collected, will not only narrow down on the future business model but also help in understanding and staying ahead of the competition.


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