Warehouse Racking Ideas to Increase Productivity

Warehouse Racking Ideas to Increase Productivity

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Warehouse management or infrastructure is one of the essential parts of the logistic industry, wherein warehouse racking contributes in a major way. Not to mention, warehouse racking can easily set back or boost up warehouse operations and make the best out of the warehousing management system 

In addition, with proper warehouse racking, warehouse management companies can maximize and optimize warehouse organization, which will gradually help them to increase their productivity in various ways, such as allowing easy access for streamlined picking and many more.  

However, racks are just a small part of the big picture. Because a substantial amount of productivity also depends on various other major factors, like the facility layout, aisles’ width, sufficient and effective training to make sure the safe and proficient use of installed racking system, and many more similar factors.  

So, here are some major warehouse racking ideas that can help warehouse management companies or operators with maximizing their warehouse space and infrastructure to accelerate their productivity:  


Planning plays an important role in making any operation successful, so it is quite essential for warehouse management companies to plan their layout. And it is not just wandering in and throwing pallet racking all around the place randomly, but it should be planned step by step.  

The warehouse management companies should take basic things into account while planning their layout, such as where receiving and shipping will take place, where will be the staging areas, where will be the office of the warehouse manager, or how the pallet racking will be accessed to decide upon the type of forklift (if required).  

Basically, the things which are mentioned above and of similar category are needed to pre-planned because it makes the work easy, rectifies various warehouse issues, and most importantly saves time.   


Budgeting is important for every project, business, or field and the same applies to warehouse racking projects. Therefore, after planning the layout, the first thing that warehouse management companies should keep in their mind is the cost of their new racking, including the cost of its design and installation.  

However, budgeting doesn’t mean that one should prefer the cheapest product of all. But the companies need to make sure that the racking they are going to opt for can fulfill their requirements in every way possible. So, what will work in the warehouse management companies, if not the cheapest product? The answer is easy choosing the ‘best solution cost’ as per their requirements and space will be a great option for every company. Not to mention, budgeting can also help in filtering various kinds of warehouse racking so it can simplify which types meet the company’s needs. Also, you can opt for warehouse management software to maintain it accurately. 


As an established business or company, the acceleration in productivity is what remains at the top. And only efficiency brings that acceleration, but how can anyone get that efficiency?  

Big enterprises like IKEA get this ‘efficiency’ by distinguishing their products in high-flow and low-flow products. So, the same can be done in other warehouse management companies where they can first distinguish between their high-in-demand and low-in-demand products and put them on warehouse racks accordingly.   

At the same time, these companies can also reduce their manual work as the low-in-demand products or areas would not need a regular worker to shift or move them around the inventory due to their low demand. Also, the employees can focus more on high-in-demand products which need to be handled on daily basis. Hence, this method can save a lot of time and help increase profit.  

It is important for every warehouse management company or any company working in the field of logistics to strive for optimization, consistently. Warehouse racking is one of the major steps towards that optimization. And ideas that are mentioned above certainly can help in making racking easy and increasing the productivity of a company.  

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