What is Shipment Tracking Software and Its Importance?

What is Shipment Tracking Software and Its Importance?

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All around the world, tons of cargo are shipped on a regular basis. With thousands of packages moving across to different locations— it becomes pretty necessary for you to have reliable shipping applications for tracking each delivery in your eCommerce business.

Additionally, it will help you grow your market reputation, and increase your sales as well.

It is crucial for you to keep your customers posted while ensuring that their deliveries reach their intended destinations in an estimated time. This is where the shipment tracking software, like BoxOn, provides comes in. This convenient and smart software allows its users to keep track of every shipment, from wherever they want or even from the comfort of their homes or offices.

As our world, including the logistics industry, is getting more and more digitized, it becomes more important to use such type of software, when you are required to keep everything on track and make sure that all the operations are running to their maximum ability.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what is shipment tracking software, how it works, and cover the importance of using it for your business:

What is Shipment Tracking Software and How Does it Work?

Although people don’t consider shipment tracking and proof of delivery to be important, on contrary, it is as crucial as machines that produce the end products. In the supply chain, every product/package needs tracking despite its size, value, or function.

And this is where the shipment tracking software is required. From shipment tracking notifications to databases, tracking software have you covered when it comes to shipment. It helps you to provide your customers with their packages and peace of mind.

Now, moving forward, let’s discuss how shipment tracking software works. Basically, shipment tracking consists of the procedure of tracing packages as they are being classified and delivered.

This software helps in verifying each package’s source and delivery trail and allows the recipients to get the exact delivery date and time. In a nutshell, good shipment tracking software keeps your logistics service as well as your clients updated on the progress of your deliveries.

The following is a brief guide on how shipment tracking software work:

1. Barcode Generation

Barcode generation is the first step among many in the shipment tracking process. A barcode is a unique ID signature of every package. It contains the important details about the package— like the product inside, its destination, seller/buyer details, contact information, and other such details. The chances of the item getting lost or misplaced are pretty slim if the barcode is generated and assigned to the package.

2. Package Scanning

After the procedure of barcode generation and attaching it to the package, the next step is scanning. All the packages are required to be scanned so that the logistics service can track them. And once the package is scanned, the delivery service will get all of the data related to it, including the database for further tracking endeavors. After the scanning, the packages can be shipped to their destination.

3. Package Tracking

After the scanning packages can be easily tracked by both; logistics companies and their clients. Meaning, that the interested parties will receive information like details about each shipped item as its destination, location, and estimated delivery date.

4. Package Delivery

The final step of the shipment tracking software finalizes the process of the product reaching its final destination. And when the package is delivered to the customer, the tracking software gets updated and notifies the interested parties of the successfully completed package delivery.

The Benefits of Using Shipment Tracking Software:

Shipment tracking software provides you with easy access to your shipment information, which includes the whereabouts of your packages, and the possibility to receive timely alerts on the boxes’ condition. Having software to keep track of the shipment process can certainly increase your company’s productivity and enhance its success rate.

Here are some of the benefits that shipment tracking software brings to the table:

  • Your clients get notified of the estimated time when they receive their packages;
  • And, this will help you to increase the communication procedure with your clients easily and seamlessly;
  • Precise delivery schedules will result in customer satisfaction;
  • The amount of your returning customers will grow;
  • Your sales and revenue will increase;
  • And the best part about this process is that it is environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t involve any paper.

Nowadays, almost everything takes place online. For instance, people prefer to shop everything, from groceries to clothes, online. Also, they expect high-quality online services, and this expectation will keep on strengthening down the line.

Thanks to the advanced technology platforms, tracking software has been updated. Which allows you to track your package even if it is far away.

So, if you really want to make your business successful, and increase the productivity and credibility of your company, it’s high time to get a top-level tracking system like BoxOn shipment tracking software.